When Good is too Good

June 22nd, 2017

It is the most frequent question asked of every real estate professional and quite possibly the most difficult to answer… How is the market? Given the current market conditions, my first reaction is to answer, “It’s too good”. Please don’t perceive my response as arrogant; it is not meant that way. The current market is only good for landlords who are experiencing historic rent growth and demand that far exceeds supply. Tenants are struggling to find a home, and in some cases they are unable to grow due to lack of options. Investment capital is abundant; chasing anything and everything. This remarkable confluence of “good” has brokers working harder than ever to serve and inform their clients. We focus our efforts in “on the street” brokerage, meaning that we constantly gather intelligence and remain knowledgeable about every aspect of our market. With a lack of vacant buildings and rents increasing 50% on five-year renewals, we are working hard to educate our clients and advise them that timing, knowledge and trust in their broker/adviser are necessary in these wild times.

Trust is the most important thing in business and in life.

Frank Schulz, SIOR