Broker Spotlight – Nick Buss

May 6th, 2020

Nick Buss joined The Klabin Company in 2019. Although new to commercial real estate, his life accomplishments are impressive to say the least and he knows the value of being part of a team. He played Division I college baseball for the University of Southern California (USC); was drafted in the 8th round by the Los Angeles Dodgers; enjoyed a more than 10-year career in professional baseball; had two stints in the Major Leagues (first with the Dodgers and then with the Los Angeles Angels); hit a home run for the Angels; won a batting title in Triple AAA baseball and got to travel all over the country playing the game he loved. Not to mention, he had the opportunity to play with the likes of Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, and Albert Pujols, all future hall of famers. Not bad for a kid from a small town 40 minutes outside of Detroit, eh?

When he finished his baseball career with the Minnesota Twins organization in 2018, Nick decided to return to USC to complete his studies. His dad was involved in real estate, and Nick developed a passion for the business as well. For him, it was a natural progression. He earned his degree in Urban Studies and Planning and went on a mission to meet as many people as possible that went to USC and worked in real estate, specifically industrial real estate, the space that most interested Nick. This led him to an introduction to Frank Schulz III, Managing Principal at The Klabin Company. Frank too had played sports at USC (he was a member of the National Championship water polo team in 2003) and studied Planning and Development, so an immediate connection was made. Nick was hired in early 2019.

“The Klabin Company is the ideal fit for me,” said Nick. “The environment is completely collaborative, and I get to tap into the knowledge of some of L.A.’s most successful professionals in Frank, David Prior, Todd Taugner, and others. I can rely on anyone in the office to answer questions, share their experience, and just help me understand the business. I’ve learned so much in a short time that I truly feel I’m set up to have my own success.”

Nick has already enjoyed some success. In just a year’s time, he’s been able to close multiple transactions.

“With each completed transaction, I’ve learned a ton,” said Nick. “Each one is unique with different personalities and requirements. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of being as useful and resourceful to clients as possible. These are qualities that are instilled in all of my colleagues at The Klabin Company, so I feel fortunate every day to be here.”

Nick is not only new to the commercial real estate industry, he’s also new to parenthood. He and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family in early 2020.

“What a gift,” said Nick. “Becoming a dad for the first time has given me even more motivation to give it my all each day at work.”

And we’re pretty sure that his daughter and any more children he and his wife may have will be proud of their dad and all he’s done on the field, and in the office.

Contact Nick directly to see how he can hit a home run for your real estate needs at and learn more about him on his profile page.