Multi-Market Corporate Services
We use our global relationships to maximize your portfolio's value

With our worldwide network of real estate partners and deep understanding of local and regional markets, we have the experience and resources in place to maximize the value of your assets. As hands-on investors ourselves, we understand the multitude of variables that must be considered for each real estate transaction, which is why we employ a truly hands-on approach in determining the value of each property.

Working with the best professionals across the globe, our team of seasoned brokers, as your single point of contact, will create a strategy that best meets your near and long-term acquisition or disposition goals, freeing your team to focus on more important things like running your business.

Our Multi-Market Corporate Services include

Portfolio Planning and Management

Lease Analysis

Site Analysis

Expansion/Consolidation Analysis



A longstanding client needed broker opinions of value on 6 properties in 4 states in a quick time frame to help complete a new major corporate credit facility.



Tap into our relationships nationwide. We know other professionals personally.



We completed this assignment in 1 week and the client was able to continue their project in a timely manner.